Artificial Christmas Trees 2016?

Artificial Christmas Trees

Also, I'm not certain that there is a "technique" to this. case in point The worker at the store said to "throw the flocking at the tree", which I did do at times. case in point I also "sprinkled" the flocking on to the tree. living proof At times, I "pushed" the flocking onto the tree. living proof In different phrases, I mainly flew via the seat of my pants on this undertaking, now not understanding for positive if it might flip out until the end. case in point Yikes. case in point I'm still now not confident approximately how I went about it, thus, I would possibly not name it a instructional. living proof I'm no longer a flocking expert. case in point However, I will inform you that it made our synthetic tree so much prettier to look at and it used to be worth the time, effort, and cash placed into it. living proof So that's that. living proof I could be satisfied to try and solution any questions you may have, however I can not guarantee good effects for your tree must you are trying it yourself.
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