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Corsair's K70 RGB Rapidfire keyboard is all about speed. Featuring Cherry's new linear MX Speed Switch, its keys are extremely responsive and take handiest a mild movement of the finger to press them down. The switch actuates at simply 1.2mm, with a gentle actuation pressure of 45g. With a feeling love typing on super-sensitive Cherry MX Reds, which are a delicate keyswitch anyway, they're not very suitable for long typing classes. However, if you might be into first-person shooters or any recreation that requires fast reflexes, the K65 RGB is provided for the job. The full-length K70 RGB Rapidfire is also to be had in a tenkeyless model called the K65 RGB, which is more uncomplicated to shipping and slip into a bag to take to LAN parties. Like its higher sibling, the K70 has beautiful customizable RGB lighting.
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