Simple home style

Simple home style

Nordic home style has always been known for simplicity, the room does not pile up things too full, the appropriate space will make the room more open space. While the white wood floor is to let the small space looks bigger, expand the visual sense. If the wall paint color choice partial gloomy, indoor soft color is not easy, then, a white wooden floor is definitely in all with the good product. White wood flooring will ease the depression of this room a little depressed visual sense, so that a more relaxed indoor.

Yellow wood flooring can bring warm and comfortable feeling, the choice of the wall can use the "adjacent color" rule, select the green close to the yellow, this will make the space look very warm. Home is yellow wood flooring friends, may wish to try this with the effect of great Oh. Black tea wood flooring is a dark tone wood flooring, its appeal and expressive force are relatively strong, with pink tone ivory wall, not only the overall color of the house can be coordinated, but also the space style of the more lively transformation.

Wood flooring is the stage of the entire home design, in the area occupied by life is the largest, so the color of the wood floor has become the background of the entire home design and foundation. Now the wood floor of the diverse materials, color is also full of change, different colors of wood flooring, will create a different home atmosphere.

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