New room to stay in the note

New room to stay in the note

Long-awaited new home show in front of their own, of course, is very excited, but can not immediately moved into the new house, the reason is the decoration brought about by the pollution is too serious, endangering the health of his family. In particular, people in the interior decoration process using some unqualified decoration materials and unreasonable design caused by how to quickly remove indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances, how long after the renovation to stay it? This is a general question of the to install engineered hardwood floors

Window ventilation is the most important. Through the indoor air circulation, can reduce the indoor air part of the free harmful substances content, thereby reducing the harm to the human body, but a temporary solution, can not fundamentally completely remove formaldehyde. There are many information have shown that indoor air pollution is much higher than the outdoor to many times, and indoor air pollutants are hundreds of species. Indoor air pollution has become a cause of many diseases. More and more people around the world die from indoor decoration pollution, more and more people are suffering from pollution caused by decoration caused by respiratory diseases.add rails to engineered Wood stairs

Health is the wish of every family to pray, what kind of air to breathe about each person's vital interests and health and safety. Suggest that everyone in the decoration must choose environmentally friendly products.

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