When to use interlock fabric

Interlock Scuba

Interlock is a variation of the rib knit, also made using two
needles. It looks like it’s made of two layers of jersey on top of each other,
both showing the smooth vertical ribs.

Characteristics of interlock fabric:

It’s more stable and thicker than jersey.

It doesn’t recover very well after being stretched (unless it
has spandex in it).

Its edges don’t curl, so it’s easier to work with (perfect if
you’ve never sewn with knit fabrics).

It’s hard to distinguish between right and wrong sides: I would
suggest you mark the right side before you start cutting your pattern pieces to
keep them straight.

When to use interlock fabric

Since the a double-knit fabric is stiffer and more rigid than
jersey, use interlock instead of plain jersey every time you need to add more
body to the garment like on pants, skirts or more formal Knitting Stretchy Fabric dresses.
Interlock can work for T-shirts, tanks and camisoles with a high-end RTW

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