How to identify whether the excessive formaldehyde on the floor

How to identify whether the excessive formaldehyde on the floor

The current decoration market on the floor products dazzling, the brand also complex, resulting in consumers in the purchase when some confusion. How to identify the floor formaldehyde is excessive?veranda composite fence pickets

First, the wood floor saw a new section, carefully smell, see if there is pungent taste or dazzling feeling, certainly belong to the excessive quality of formaldehyde products, and vice versa can be determined to be environmentally friendly products.

Second, the top of a small sample in the boiling water soak for 1-3 minutes to see if there is a pungent odor. Green wood flooring due to lower formaldehyde release, generally do not smell the pungent odor, if the stimulating taste is very strong, even the eyes feel uncomfortable, then the floor of the substrate to prove more free formaldehyde.sri lanka balcony design

Web site to remind consumers, as far as possible to the regular shopping malls to buy. At present, in the wood flooring and the use of formaldehyde content of glue on the issue, the formal business products should be issued by the national authority of the sampling or inspection of the inspection report, consumers should obtain from the business and verify the purchase. In the purchase must be signed with the business purchase contract, but also require the operator in the sale of the contract (invoice) above clearly marked with timber information, in case of disputes when the use of rights.japan wood plastic composite technology

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