FIFA 17 Will Have A New Shooting Type

If there's one balance FIFA has never quite been able to strike, its the ability to hit things hard and low at the same time. Ramping the power bar up means you'll welly the thing, but you'll also increase the arc of the shot and, likely, sky the thing. EA have needed to realise for years that power and trajectory are not intrinsically linked.

Mercifully FIFA 17 will finally see that addressed, but the ability to ramp up the power bar, but tap the same button again to keep whatever you're doing down. Enabling you to, finally, absolutely leather a shot into the bottom corner and bullet a header low in the corner. This feature was loosely developed for passing in FIFA 16, so it's great that EA have found a way to apply it to the shooting mechanics as well.

Hands on reviews of the game have also discovered that this finally allows players to perfect the Shearer technique of playing your back to goal, before quickly snapping round and powering a shot at goal. A trick that in literally every single FIFA game prior resulted in an off-balance shot skied into the crowd. We have FIFA 17 coins to sell.
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